New Jersey Catholic Daughters of the Americas



2019 Raffle Winners were pulled in June.    Congratulations to all our winners and thank you for your support.

First Prize:  $500 Visa Gift Card

Second Prize:  $250 Visa Gift Card

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Prizes:  $100 Visa Gift Card each

Contact First Vice State Regent for information.


The New issue is presently being created and will be sent to all Regents, District Deputies, State Chairmen, National Officers, and the New York Office.

Be sure to send your Court's publicity to Public Relations Beth Willoughby.   Wanted:  Pictures, articles, details!  E-mail [email protected] for more information.


The 2017, 2018, and 2019 winners were selected and courts notified.  Congratulations to all of our winners and our courts who nominated them.

Camden Diocese: 

Ct. Our Lady of Mercy #1655 - 2017  Villa Raffealla,   Ct. Giese #439 - 2018 Helper's of God's Precious Infants,

Ct. Stella Maris #288 - 2019  Adelaide's Place

Metuchen Diocese: 

Ct. Mercedes #769 - 2017 McCauley Hill - Sisters of Mercy,  2018 - St. Joseph's Senior Home,  2019 - Menlo Park Veteran's Home

Newark Diocese: 

Ct. Anastasia #1041 - 2017 Rosary Hill Home

Paterson Diocese: 

Ct. Joan of Arc #425 - 2017 Straight and Narrow,    Ct. Dover #881 - 2018 Mother House Sisters of St. Elizabeth   2019  Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace - St. Anne's Home

Trenton Diocese: 

Ct. St. Rose of Lima #737 - 2017 Alair Rehab & Nursing,   Ct. St. Elizabeth #1486 - 2018 The Center in Asbury Park,    Ct. Fulgens Corona #1684 - 2019 Ocean Harbor House

Hi Joann,

The puzzles and games were dropped off. Thank you so much!

I wanted to give you a heads up….one of the many wonderful things I’ve purchased for the residents with the Catholic Daughters funds…..was a robotic therapy dog. We celebrated “The Dog Days of Summer” yesterday. I took the dog around to all the rooms. The residents loved it. I also bought a cat and a parrot for use at another time. If you go to our FB page…it will all be posted soon. In gratitude I wanted to specifically acknowledged you and the Catholic Daughters on one of the pictures as our sponsor for the purchase. I can’t tell you how much that money has helped us and especially throughout this pandemic. The residents miss all the volunteers, pet visits, big activities/meals/special events together….and we have been trying our best to occupy their time in meaningful ways. I’ve bought a lot of solo leisure supplies to have on hand any time they want it and we’ve done a lot of food related specials delivered to their rooms. 2 others items I purchased with the funding was 2 tablets…..that we’ve used this entire time….to go to their rooms and bedside for 1:1 visits. On the tablets we can go on the internet to play any music they like, stories, funny videos, play games, etc. Again, those have been invaluable during this time. I’m keeping a running detailed log of every penny spent as well as receipts. When this is all over or we come to the end of the funds…whichever happens first….I’d be happy to provide you a copy….if you would like to share further with your members. Just so they see all the wonderful ways their brought residents joy. Today we will be celebrating National Senior Citizen Day and are able to have a live singer outdoors this afternoon. Be sure to keep an eye out for the Face Book dog posting and encourage your fellow members to please take a look and give us a “like” as well. Have a great weekend.

Take care,


Joann Morrison, Regent






The State Court will host a day Retreat Monday, May 17, 2021  at San Alfonso Retreat House in Long Branch. 

The State Court will host a day of Retreat Saturday, October 24, 2020 at St. Joseph Shrine in Stirling.