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Here is where you will find the latest news about what New Jersey Catholic Daughters are doing to spread Unity and Charity throughout the State. 

There are presently 24 local courts and one junior court located in Woodbridge. 

Watch for upcoming feature stories.


Mission Statement:   Catholic  Daughters of the Americas strives     to  embrace  the  principle  of  faith  working through love in the promotion  of  justice,  equality and  the advancement of human rights and human dignity for all.             






Spiritual Advisor

   Sr. Marjorie Smith  


State Regent

Audrey Spenard


 First Vice

State Regent

 Theresa Dieterich


Second Vice

State Regent

Dawn Toal


State Secretary

Loretta Zimmer


State Treasurer

 Philomena Milano


 National Representative

Essie Walker











A Message from the State Regent 

Our State Convention was held in May  2019.   All information about the  Convention  has  been  sent  to  the Court Regents.  We took time to remember our Past Regent Maria Rau - she will be missed.


Congratulations to Court Giese #439, Gloucester City, celebrating their 100th Anniversary in December and Court Joan of Arc #425 celebrating their 100th Anniversary in October; You should all be proud of your service to the Catholic Daughters of the Americas and all the good works you have accomplished over the years.

Raffle tickets have been mailed to all the Courts. Tickets are $1.00 each and there are 5 tickets in a book. This raffle benefits our Scholarship Fund. As you know, we award a $1,000.00 scholarship for 4 years to a graduating senior who is a son/daughter or grandson/granddaughter of a Catholic Daughter. This totals an outlay of $4,000.00 each year ($1,000.00 each for our new Freshman plus our Sophomore, Junior and Senior). We ask each Catholic Daughter to take one book (more if you can). Thank you so much for your support of this project. 

Palm Sunday is April 5 followed by Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord on April 12.  May God bless you and your families during this Holy Season!

                            In Unity and Charity,

Audrey Spenard,  State Regent


 A Message from our Spiritual Advisor

  "Sacred seasons of Earth, as you sweep over our land and through our hearts, you wear the face of God"

  The Circle of Life by Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr

  The season of spring is always met with deep gratitude as nature emerges into full bloom.  This year spring is certainly not the same for all of us.  The hand of God has touched us in a different manner.  We are learning how fragile life can be in light of Covid 19, as many of our relatives and friends have ended their journey here on earth leaving us with the coldness of a winter's day.  It seems that when God closes one door, another seems to open.  Gratitude is the virtue which has touched us deeply.  Let us be like the leper that Jesus cured and in gratitude came back to give thanks.  Macrina Wiederkehr states, "During this season it is helpful to take a little time to meditate on the return of life."

               Sister Marjorie Smith, Spiritual Advisor



Local Officers:  Send me your e-mail addresses so the State Board can better communicate with you.  I will be sure to forward them to the State Board members.  (Include name and title.)

Send to:  Kimberley Kavanaugh



A Stewardship Prayer

Lord and Creator….You are the source of wisdom and grace, the author of human freedom and creativity.  We thank you for these gifts and ask that you teach us to be good stewards of our creative spirits.

Show us how to quiet ourselves and to learn the art of reflection and relaxation so that we might recharge and refill ourselves for the work you have planned for us.

Help us never to be too busy to pause and realize your gracious presence all around us, in nature, in other people, in ourselves.  Slow us down, Lord, and teach us to be stewards of our time and recreation.  Amen.


Catholic Daughters of the Americas
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Diocese of Camden

Catholic Star Herald    856-583-6147

Diocese of Metuchen

The Catholic Spirit    732-562-2424

Archdiocese of Newark

The Catholic Advocate     973-479-4200

Diocese of Paterson

The Beacon     973-279-8845

Diocese of Trenton

The Monitor     956-683-4400



















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